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Venus Square Uranus 2023


In 2023 There will be three Venus Square Uranus aspects in Leo, 1 of which happens during Venus Retrograde on August 10, 2023.

Here are the other 3 dates to consider reflecting upon:

1. July 2, 2023

2. August 9, 2023

3. September 29, 2023

Before we get into the aspect at hand lets discuss Venus and Uranus and individual planetary energies first.


Venus is one of the most significant and influential planets. It represents the energy of love, relationships, beauty, values, harmony, and creativity. In the astrological chart (also known as the birth chart or natal chart), Venus's position and aspects provide valuable insights into an individual's approach to love, relationships, aesthetics, and how they express affection and appreciation.

Here are some key aspects of Venus in astrology:

  1. Love and Relationships: Venus is often associated with romantic relationships, marriage, and partnerships. Its position in the birth chart indicates how a person approaches love and what they seek in a partner. A harmonious Venus placement suggests an easy-going, loving nature, while challenging aspects may indicate struggles in relationships or a need for personal growth in this area.

  2. Aesthetics and Beauty: Venus rules over beauty, aesthetics, and the appreciation of art. Its placement can influence an individual's taste in fashion, design, and art, as well as how they present themselves to the world.

  3. Values and Material Possessions: Venus is linked to our values and what we find valuable in life. It represents our relationship with money, material possessions, and the pursuit of pleasure and comfort.

  4. Social Interaction: Venus governs social skills and diplomacy. It influences how we relate to others and our ability to build harmonious connections with people. A well-aspected Venus can contribute to a charming and likable personality.

  5. Creativity: Venus's energy is also linked to creativity and artistic expression. It can indicate a person's potential for artistic talents and their preferred creative outlets.

  6. Femininity and Feminine Energy: In traditional astrology, Venus is associated with femininity and represents the feminine principle in a person's chart. It's worth noting that in modern astrology, gender associations are viewed more fluidly, and Venus is considered relevant for all genders.

Uranus: Uranus is a transpersonal planet that represents innovation, rebellion, originality, freedom, and sudden change. It rules over the unconventional and revolutionary aspects of life and symbolizes the urge for individuality and breaking free from societal norms. Uranus's position and aspects in an individual's birth chart offer insights into their unique qualities, progressive thinking, and potential areas of disruption or upheaval in life.

Here are some key aspects of Uranus in astrology:

  1. The Rebel and Innovator: Uranus is often referred to as the "Awakener" because it encourages us to break free from the status quo and embrace change. Individuals with prominent Uranus placements are often seen as rebels, visionaries, or trailblazers who challenge traditional norms and seek to create new possibilities.

  2. Unconventional Thinking: Uranus is associated with genius and original thinking. People with strong Uranus influences in their charts tend to have innovative and unconventional ideas, often ahead of their time.

  3. Individuality and Freedom: Uranus emphasizes the importance of personal freedom and individuality. It urges us to be true to ourselves and resist conformity.

  4. Sudden Changes and Disruptions: Uranus can bring sudden and unexpected changes into our lives, sometimes disrupting the status quo to create space for growth and progress. These changes can be liberating but may also be challenging to adapt to initially.

  5. Technology and Advancements: Uranus is linked to technology, scientific advancements, and all things futuristic. It has a connection to the internet, computers, and cutting-edge innovations.

  6. Humanitarian Causes: Uranus is concerned with social justice and humanitarian causes. It inspires us to work for the collective good and make positive changes in society.

  7. Electrifying Energy: Uranus's energy is often described as electric and unpredictable. It can be both exciting and unsettling.


Venus in Leo individuals are passionate, confident, and generous lovers who seek admiration and enjoy being the center of attention. They thrive in relationships where they are valued and cherished for their uniqueness and creativity. While their larger-than-life personalities can be captivating, they need to balance their desire for recognition with genuine humility and consideration for others' feelings. Understanding their own worth beyond external validation is essential for their personal growth and fulfilling relationships.

Here are some Leo Venus Traits:

  1. Romantic and Dramatic: People with Venus in Leo tend to be ardent romantics who love grand gestures and dramatic expressions of affection. They enjoy being in the spotlight and showering their loved ones with attention and adoration.

  2. Confident and Charismatic: This placement gives individuals a natural charisma and confidence that draws others to them. They exude warmth and magnetism, making them charming and appealing.

  3. Generous and Giving: Venus in Leo individuals are generous and giving when it comes to their loved ones. They enjoy pampering and spoiling their partners, friends, and family members, often going out of their way to make them feel special.

  4. Desire for Admiration: People with Venus in Leo have a strong need to be admired and appreciated by others. They thrive on compliments and recognition for their efforts, which can sometimes make them seek validation in relationships.

  5. Artistic Expression: This placement enhances creativity and artistic expression. Venus in Leo individuals often have a flair for the dramatic in their style, and they may be drawn to bold and luxurious aesthetics.

  6. Loyal and Protective: Once they commit to a relationship, Venus in Leo individuals are fiercely loyal and protective of their partners. They take pride in their relationships and are willing to stand by their loved ones through thick and thin.

  7. Playful and Fun-Loving: They have a playful and fun-loving nature, which can make relationships with them exciting and joyful. They often enjoy socializing and being the life of the party.

  8. Drama and Ego: On the downside, the drama associated with Leo can sometimes manifest negatively, leading to conflicts and clashes in relationships. Additionally, the ego may play a role in their interactions, as they might struggle with taking criticism or admitting when they are wrong.


When we talk about "Venus retrograde square Uranus," we are referring to a specific aspect pattern between the retrograde Venus and Uranus in an individual's birth chart. The square aspect, as mentioned earlier, creates tension and challenges, while the retrograde motion of Venus adds a layer of introspection and internalized energy to the mix.

In astrology, Venus retrograde occurs when Venus appears to move backward in the sky from our perspective on Earth. This retrograde period lasts for about six weeks and happens approximately every 18 months. During this time, the themes associated with Venus, such as love, relationships, values, and aesthetics, are heightened and turned inward.

When Venus is in a square aspect with Uranus while in retrograde, the combination can create some unique dynamics:

  1. Reevaluation of Relationships: Venus retrograde often prompts individuals to reevaluate their relationships, both romantic and platonic. The square to Uranus can add an element of unpredictability, leading to sudden changes or disruptions in relationships.

  2. Unusual Attraction Patterns: This aspect might lead to a fascination with unconventional or eccentric partners. People with this aspect may be drawn to those who are different from them or have unique qualities.

  3. Challenges in Emotional Expression: Venus retrograde can bring introspection and difficulty in expressing emotions. The square with Uranus can amplify this, making it hard for individuals to communicate their feelings effectively.

  4. Internal Conflicts: The tension of the square aspect combined with Venus retrograde may create internal conflicts regarding values, desires, and the need for freedom versus stability in relationships.

  5. Breakthroughs in Self-Understanding: Despite the challenges, this aspect can provide an opportunity for deep self-reflection and growth, leading to breakthroughs in understanding personal desires and values.

  6. Creative Turbulence: Venus retrograde square Uranus can also influence creative expression, inspiring individuals to explore innovative and unique artistic or creative endeavors. In overview the months of July-October 2023 are huge for relationships, values, and self worth. I hope that this report has been helpful for you. I attached some tarot prompt/journal prompt questions below to support you:

  1. How do your friends and loved ones value you?: Inquire about your positive qualities others see in you.

  2. What challenges have you overcome in life?: How can you recognize the resilience and courage you have demonstrated in navigating difficult situations.

  3. What do you contribute to your community or workplace?: Reflect on the positive impact you have on others and the ways they contribute to the greater good of all.

  4. What are your passions and interests?: Explore the things that genuinely light you up and make you feel alive. Passion often aligns with our intrinsic worth.

  5. How do you handle adversity and setbacks?: Name your ability to bounce back and learn from challenges, which demonstrates emotional strength and maturity.

  6. What are your core values and beliefs?: Understanding your values helps to anchor a sense of self-worth based on integrity and authenticity.

  7. How have you grown and evolved as a person?: Reflect on your personal growth and how you have changed positively over time.

  8. What do you love about yourself?:

  9. How do you handle criticism or self-doubt?: Brainstorm some strategies for managing negative thoughts and embracing self-compassion with loved ones, therapists, or safe friends.

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