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Weaving the Wilde 
Spiritual Community

Lauren's FREE and interactive spiritual community.

If you feel a longing in your body to be known.

If you have searched the highest places seeking to be understood..

If have wept the tears of the wandering heart, seeking your place of belonging..

If you have shown your true and wild self and were asked to change and fit in a box that isn't your calling.. 

You belong here..

This is a place for wild-hearts & starry-eyed mystics.. for the ramblers and the rooted ones.


All parts of you belong here.. 

We witness your wild rising. 

This is Lauren's free spiritual group that was once known as The Wild Beloved. Participants will be able to discuss Lauren's most recent offerings from her blog, podcast, social media accounts and youtube channel. 

Lauren will check in once a week, and her admin team will facilitate most of the conversation. This is NOT Lauren's PAID Coven, that is WildeHearts Coven. There will be Lauren Wilde Promotions shared here ONLY. 

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