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"This class has completely changed my relationship with myself, others, my future generations, and my ancestors. I feel so plugged in to my power, my sovereignty, and my choices. This class put me at the energetic center of my life which is something I rarely made time for previously, and that has made all the difference. I finally feel like I belong in my family, I’m the one they’ve been waiting for. That wouldn’t have been possible without Lauren and this class."

Tara- Ohio, USA

"Ancestral Witch truly changed my life. This program helped me uncover several sources of trauma in myself and my family and begin healing them, and better understand the relationship I have with my living family members. Throughout the program I had a place of safe, positive support among the group where I could be vulnerable. This program helped me bring my spirituality and witchcraft into my everyday life and understand my family and self in entirely new ways. I recommend this program a thousand times over- because of the individual attention and opportunity to work directly with Lauren"

Natalie -Oregon, USA

"Lauren's Ancestral Witch program was nothing short of life-changing--beyond anything I could have imagined possible. Under her sage guidance and comprehensive teachings, I have forged a deep soulful connection to my ancient ancestral lineage and built a foundational practice that I will nurture and grow for the rest of my days. There is no quantifiable way I could possibly describe the effect Lauren's offerings have had on my life. I would not be the witch or the womxn I am today, had I not stood under her covering of love, nurturance, wisdom and expansive knowledge. Lauren has guided me and challenged me to name, heal, transmute and transform through her mastery of shadow work. She opened my heart, soul, mind and eyes to my divine sovereignty, now able to step into the light of my authentic self and embrace my truest self-expression freely for the first time in my life."

Laurie M- Australia

"I am deeply grateful for the community and deepening I experienced in Ancestral Witch with Lauren and my cohort. The careful coaching and companioning Lauren offered helped me dig deep into my own goals, personal spirituality and connection to Spirit and ancestors. It was so wonderful to be in the course with like-minded folks who were also in the beautiful and messy place of growth and transformation. I will be unpacking and carrying this coursework with me for a long time. After Ancestral Witch, I feel so much more sovereign and grounded in my practice. Things that felt like unsolvable paradoxes at the beginning of the course are now integrated aspects of my identity. My spiritual practice actually feels like it belongs to me and isn’t something that I perform for others. The connection I feel to the Divine feminine has never felt more green and alive."

Carrie M 

"I cannot express enough gratitude for Lauren as a teacher, guide, and priestess, for the me and the other members of this class- and for the embodied teachings that I now get to carry with me throughout my life. This class was exactly what I needed in this season of my life. It took me from wandering and searching for community and purpose, to grounding me in my own space, reclaiming my sovereignty, and finding my independence and community all at once. Lauren is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, and I am looking forward to continuing to learn from her going forward. I would highly recommend this program. Lauren and her crew are extremely knowledgeable and helpful through every step of this path. This program simultaneously provides individual experiences and group community and support."

-Abigail- Illinois, USA

"Lauren's offerings are nothing short of extraordinary. As I leapt into the chasm of the unknown, Lauren has held me in safety, love and wisdom at every turn. She doesn't just teach, she lives, breathes and vulnerably shares her own journey of becoming. Lauren's work will speak to anybody seeking a deeper, more profound spiritual and mystical walk. She will guide, educate, empower and embolden whomever encounters her and sits in her circles. She is a no-nonsense (but always loving) priestess who will take you to places within and without yourself that you could never have imagined. She will stand beside you, hold space for you, and witness your rising. I am honoured and grateful to work with Lauren and experience her medicine. I have no hesitation in recommending her services. No matter where you are in your soul's journey, she breathes new life to old bones."

Laurie M -Australia

I have experienced more personal growth in the time I have been learning from Lauren and Athena than any other period of my life. Apprenticing with Lauren has remolded me and set me on an exciting life path I couldn’t have envisioned before. If you have the opportunity to learn from this school and this team you should JUMP at the chance.

Natalie Jo Grady Oregon, USA

"As someone who seeks true self-awareness and self discovery, and who seeks meaningful and productive embodiment practices, this course provides the guidance and support I need to strengthen my daily practice and has helped me develop the clarity and courage to pursue my true path. Lauren’s teachings are well-researched, in-depth, and come with the clarity and wisdom of a mentor who walks her talk! And the community and safe space she has grown and nurtured are testament to her wisdom and experience."

Leah Beninato- USA

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