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We are a woman-owned small business. Lauren and her staff are all mothers and require 48 hours to respond. Thanks so much for your understanding, we can't wait to connect soon!




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Amanda Bryan
Desk Witch

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Lauren's head administrator and

Organizational Desk Witch. 



frequently asked questions

  • Where do I start when I want to work with Lauren?
    Lauren has all of her clients and students start with her 90 minute Golden Shadow Reading. Its a deeply informative and life changing offering that will help Lauren gage where you might land best in terms of her signature offerings. You can book a reading with her under her offerings tab.
  • How do I learn more about the things Lauren is teaching?
    All clients and potential students start working with Lauren after booking the Golden Shadow Reading, unless you KNOW you are ready to jump into one of Lauren's signature programs under her Modern Mystery School, known as Wilde Alchemy. You can also find her podcast The Church Witch on Spotify and all podcast platforms, as well as her Instagram @thelaurenwilde and her Youtube Channel. All of her free offerings are on the social media tabs on the sides and bottoms of the website. Her students say joining Coven, or a program is the best way to dive in.. but if you are more of a toes in the water person, then Wildehearts Coven is where we recommend you start.
  • How do I get signed up for Wilde Apprenticeship?
    Goto the Wilde Apprenticeship page, and click on one of the multiple "invest here buttons". or click right here
  • How do I know I am ready for Lauren's work?
    Well, to be honest most of us didn't KNOW, we just FELT deep bone level resonance with Lauren's words, movements, and ultimately her call. Lauren is a teacher of the Wild Feminine, meaning it won't always make the most logical sense. You will feel like a magnet being called towards it opposite point. You will feel a somatic (body) experience. You will KNOW. You may not know how to make sense of it, but it will make sense after the program, reading, or event is complete. Lauren is a magnetic, psychic, mothering figure.. her ways don't always make sense at first, but we have found it most healing to let our bodies and senses lead us and end up being right. If you have questions, contact us. We can help make sense of it.
  • What is Wildeheart Coven about?
    Lauren's private spiritual community is known as The Wildehearts Coven. It is held on a non-facebook/meta community building platform known as Mighty Networks. This is where Lauren interacts with her students to teach them the basics of witchery, astrology, monthly class teachings, and more. Students get monthly lunation reports to learn about astrology, tarot, and meet online in a live coven format once a month. This is meant to build spiritual community at a low cost investment. It's a great way to get a sense of Lauren, what shes about, and what she is teaching. You can join here
  • How do I get signed up for Soul & Synastry
    Goto the Soul & Synastry page, and click on the multiple invest here buttons. Please remember to pick the tier you want before you make your deposit. Soul & Synastry Registration is CLOSED until May 2023.
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