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SOMA (body)

Magick (the mystery of the universe made manifest)


Somatics- All the work we do will be focused on moving through BODY for integration and resolution.

Observance- We work with mindfulness, becoming the ever present witness to our human and spiritual experience.

Mystic and Mundane- We engage this work with a spirit of mystery and apply it with consistency for effective, earthbound results. 

Alignment- We are constantly tuning into our subtle awareness and asking: IS THIS ALIGNED WITH MY VISION?

MAGICK: We take all of our work and findings and craft it into a ritual embodied experience filled with wonder and magick. We trust that what is for us won't pass us by...

This method falls within SOMAgicks Pillars:

Somatics (Body based healing: embodiment), Consciousness (Astrology & Tarot), Shamanism (spiritual team, altered states, and journey work), and Witchcraft(ritual manifestation).  

*all of this work is intellectual property of Lauren Wilde, and is being copyrighted. All intellectual property should be credited accordingly. 



The Bones:

The Worthcraft/ SOMAGICK Method Coaching, is a blend of private 1:1 coaching focused on your personal and specific needs that lasts 13 weeks.

The SOMAGICK Method Coaching container also comes with access to one of Lauren's signature programs, either Ancestral Witch, Soul & Synastry that will work in conjunction to your personalize coaching program Lauren has created for you. 

*Those that do coaching in SEPT-DEC 2023 will be added to the Ancestral Witch cohort. 

To recap here is everything you get in the WORTHCRAFT  METHOD 1:1 COACHING SUITE:

  • 13 Weeks of highly focused problem solving coaching that mixes ancient wisdom methods like astrology, tarot, and shamanism all the way to traditional SMART Goal oriented traditional life coaching. 

  • Lauren's signature Program Ancestral Witch or Soul & Synastry(These signature programs are valued at $4,500 ALONE), which entails about 15+ Additional Weekly Live Hybrid Coaching Classes to help you deepen into the Mystic and Mundane. 

  • 13 Weeks of Voxer support M-F to help coach you on a weekly basis between meetings. 


  • Discounts to Lauren's upcoming workshops and in person retreats. 

The Worthcraft 1:1 Coaching Program is a powerful offering that is the container for her signature process known as SOMAGICK Method can help you manifest your dreams and desires. In this offering you will learn the basics of embodiment, magick, ritual, worthcraft, and the integration of this work in your body- AS WELL AS how to use it to create the life you want.

Both Worthcraft and SOMAGICK Method are Lauren's babies. She has literally labored over it for YEARS, and finally gave birth to it in early spring 2023.


Lauren forged this craft through YEARS of working with hundreds of students and clients. She was able to identify the "core teachings" most people need in this world of both trauma informed resolution work and magick. She then formulated it into her own body anchored magickal method. AKA SOMA (BODY) Magick (magic). SOMAGICK.

In the Worthcraft private coaching container Lauren will teach you her SOMAGICK Method, which uses various esoteric (internal spiritual processes) plus the power of the mundane to manifest a life you desire built on embodied sovereignty.

Those that embark on this offering will benefit from Lauren expounding upon the power of your natal chart in depth and in conjunction with her channeled gifts.


You will also journey to your ancestors and guides, illuminate your core spiritual gifts, develop your spiritual team, name the wounds and blocks that hold you back, integrate the core parts of yourself back home and craft your DHARMA (your soul purpose). 

Over the thirteen weeks you will work with a mix of your thoughts and emotions, as well as your soul's desires to manifest your authentic longings. (Your thoughts and feelings create your reality.)

In traditional manifestation work we are told that we get what we want by just focusing your thoughts and feelings on what you want- BUT what if you have trauma?

What if can't access your feelings because your subconscious won't let you?

Lauren creatrixed this program so that you can create the life you desire to live, and do so embracing both your magick and mundane energy too. 

It's important to remember, your YES is a NO to everything else. Learn more on this in future teachings.

Here is what you need to know, when you join this offering you can use this coaching container and signature process to manifest anything from money to relationships to health. But know that it requires consistency and commitment to the vision. Working at this level with Lauren requires commitment to yourself and your vision above all things.

You will find that you have to DECIDE to move towards your dreams with all of your being, challenges or not. Because make no mistake the moment you decide to join this program will be the moment you crossed a threshold and will be challenged to see if you meant it. 

Within the Worthcraft foundational framework you will apply the SOMAGICK practices and they will change your life. The SOMAGICK Method will help manifest your dreams and desires. Once that you know the basis of Somagick, you can start using it to create the life you want.

Somagick is a form of magick that uses the power of your emBODIED desires and longing to create energetic anchors to pull you somatically towards your desired state of manifestation. Here are some topic points we will deal with in the container:

  • Your thoughts and feelings create your reality, so we must deal with your thoughts both conscious and unconscious.

  • We will make a connection with your diamond soul and learn what stories are being told within your system.

  • We need to name the challenges and the desires and plot a pathway to get you on your way.

  • This offering is an equal mix of the mystic and mundane.Both are needed.

  • With practice and dedication, you can use SOMAGICK Method to manifest your dreams and desired state of existence.

Lauren's SOMAGICK METHOD and Body Anchored Manifestation process are powerful tools that has been used for centuries to help individuals achieve their goals. If you have been wanting to tap into your power, magick, and sovereign truth WHILE ALSO getting your life in order and taking control over your life- this is the program for you. 

About  Worthcraft..


"The Wound is where the light enters"

To recap here is everything you get in WORTHCRAFT METHOD 1:1 COACHING:

  • 13 Weeks of highly focused problem solving coaching that mixes ancient wisdom methods like astrology, tarot, and shamanism all the way to traditional SMART Goal oriented traditional life coaching. 

  • One of Lauren's live signature Program (valued at $4,500 ALONE.), which consists of at least 15+ Additional Weekly Live Hybrid teaching/coaching Classes to help you deepen into the Mystic and Mundane. 

  • 13 Weeks of Voxer and email support M-F to help coach you on a weekly basis between meetings. 


  • Discounts to Lauren's upcoming workshops and in person retreats. 



The Practice..

Manifestation and Release Rituals to reprogram the subconscious are at the root of my embodiment based coaching practice. However, it is infinitely more than candle rituals and repetition. It is also rooted in deep wells of wisdom that have channeled through me over the years. The hard lessons + initiations I have worked though. The hundreds of students and clients I have helped.

We don’t *JUST* coach around problems\ stuck areas we are aware of- We utilize ancient practices that illuminate the minds deepest crevices and craft personal rituals rooted in healing and renewal. In my method we tap into your soul codes and destiny written through the stars and your soul contracts. We create entirely new narratives for you to cross into and embody with joy.

We don’t *just* create task lists with really smart neurodivergent specific methods.. (which we do, ask my clients about it lol) we enter trance states and connect with your guidance team and ancestors. We tap into your wells of ancestral power & gifts- Then lovingly pull your native spiritual gifts and team forward to guide you on your road towards healing and success.

We don’t *just* talk about sleep schedules and food logs- we move our bodies and open our hips with reverence. We breathe with intention and feel our bodies sigh in relief. We don’t just pray with our words- we pray with our bodies and weave our wildest dreams into the present moment.

We don’t *just* get shit done and complete long desired projects, we also reconnect you to your intuition and highest truths. We clear the bullshit and get your mind and channel crystal clear so you fully trust yourself.

In my practice and method, We fully awaken and embody your highest truth and magick.

My SOMAGICK Method© Coaching Practice is an absolutely seamless blend of the mystic and mundane.

If you are ready to transcend the bullshit and get to where you actually want to be in (quantum) leaps and bounds then DECIDE to lean in and join my late summer coaching practice. I have a few spots left for femme identified mystics and seekers.

Complete this here and let’s get you where you want to be babe.


  • Female Identified, Trans Women, Non-Binary, and Queer folks. 

  • Folks that are READY to take control of their lives and live into it fully.

  • Those that can be coached and learn new things.

  • Folks excited to work within magick and mysticism along-side the mundane life coaching practices.


  • Basically, cis-gendered Men.

  • Those that are not ready to face themselves and heal.

  • Those that aren't going to take this work seriously and not show up.

  • Individuals who are against magick and mysticism.

  • Super conservative folks. I'm sorry I just won't be your cup of tea.

Natalie Jo' Grady, OR

"Working Lauren truly changed my life. Lauren's work helped me uncover several sources of trauma in myself and my family and begin healing them."

Abigail Helwig, WI

"I cannot express enough gratitude for Lauren as a teacher, guide, and priestess, for the other members of this class, and for the embodied teachings that I now get to carry with me throughout my life." 

Ali Heibert 

"I was Feeling stuck in huge life shifts, the guided practice I did with Lauren immediately opened up space in my body. I could feel the shift in my energy. I broke through barriers in one session with Lauren that I've been struggling to unwind in years of therapy." 

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