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What to expect...

This is my 90 minute Intuitive Life Coaching 2024 Transitory Session. We will go over your personal major transits that will be affected this year, as well as use tarot and oracle to lock down clear next steps and channeled advice in accordance with the transits listed below. 

Please have booked your natal reading The Golden Shadow Session with Lauren BEFORE this reading, to have a good understanding of your natal chart before your transitory chart reading. 

The 2024 Transitory Reading will include clear synastry readings for you around the following transits: 

  • Mercury Retrogrades

  • Mars Retrograde 

  • America's Pluto return continues and enters first degrees of Aquarius

  • Nodal Axis eclipses in Aries/Libra

  • Jupiter in Taurus and Gemini

  • Retrograde Summer 2024

  • Saturn moving through Pisces

  • The North Node conjunct Chiron

  • Black Moon Lilith in Virgo and Libra

Also Lauren will go over any other major transits personal to your chart.

This will be an intense reading make sure you have your pen and calendar nearby.

What you receive with your investment 

  • 90 Minute transitory chart 

  • Tarot/Oracle card reading

  • Channeled recorded reading 

  • Video Recording of reading sent to your inbox

  • 20-30 page transit report

Investment is $300 

ALL of my first time clients must complete a Golden Shadow Session FIRST to begin working with me personally. 

PLEASE NOTE: it is the client's responsibility to know their time of birth/location- all readings will be based on the client's information and if a new read is required due to previous incorrect information, that is the responsibility of the client. Thank you.
We have a STRICT no-refund policy, as Lauren takes a lot of time prepare for this reading before the time of the reading. 




"Being apart of the community Lauren has created along with learning directly from her I have learned to trust myself in ways I never thought possible. The coven is my new safe haven. I know I can go there and be vulnerable and supported. The people Lauren has brought together there is pure magic. Lauren has also taught me about a side of myself I didn’t know existed and has reassured me that parts of me I was taught were inherently bad truly aren’t. With Lauren’s support I’ve begun to step fully and unapologetically into my power and I’m so, so grateful."

"Lauren is a talented wealth of knowledge ! Her readings are spot on and useful. She is intuitive and down to earth. Both of my readings were very helpful and resonated with me on a deep level. I am also a member of the Wild Beloved Coven where Lauren shares her passion and love of all things witchy!"


"It's like Lauren is a witch or something, I have no idea how she does what she does, but its magick.."

Image 6

"I have come to know myself so much more deeply already by working with Lauren. I am more in tune with my own power and soul.

Lauren's offerings are nothing short of extraordinary.

- Dawn Huelskamp



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