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First things first, let's talk about what Ancestral Witchcraft is and how it is different from general witchcraft.

and, while we are on the subject- let's talk about the general definition of witchcraft briefly shall we?

Witchcraft is defined as a diverse and multifaceted ritual based practice that encompasses a range of spiritual and beliefs, traditions, and practices that generally deemed unconventional and mystical in nature. Witchcraft is not a single religious system, but rather a broad umbrella term that makes space for the practitioner to blend various paths, each with its own unique beliefs and practices. Witchcraft is often associated with the use of rituals, spells, manifesting, and magic that interacts with the natural world, the spiritual realm, or the energies within and around individuals. Many of my students are both Christian Mystics and Witches, it is possible to find peace in this paradox. This program teaches you how if this is a concern for you. 


Ancestral witchcraft, often referred to as "ancestral magic"  is path of Witchery or Ritual based Mysticism that is predominately rooted in the spiritual practices deeply rooted in the traditions and beliefs of one's ancestors, and is deeply rooted in the earth, body, and anthropological heritage. It is a form of witchcraft that emphasizes a strong connection with one's lineage and heritage, drawing upon the wisdom, knowledge, and energies of past generations. At its core, ancestral witchcraft acknowledges that the spirits and wisdom of our ancestors continue to influence and guide our lives, offering a rich source of spiritual power and guidance- or what we call "Blood Banks of Magick." I have found in my own practice that ancestral witchcraft very closely tracks with shamanic practices as well. After All, I did channel this entire program from a dream in November 2019 from one of my dead Welsh ancestors- and have learned of my nordic ancestors having deep roots in Seidr- Freya Magick. 

In ancestral witchcraft, practitioners often engage in rituals and ceremonies that honor their forebears, seeking to establish a direct link with their ancestral spirits. These rituals can include offerings, prayers, and shamanic journeying, lineage resolution, and hearth witchery all with the intention of forging a connection with the spirits of the deceased- as well as healing the self and current family relationships.

While Ancestral Witchcraft is deeply rooted in the history of pre-christian humanity and the cycles of the earth, general witchcraft can have many diffferent focuses, or what we like to call pathways. Some of these includes paths like: divination, astrology, herbalism, high ceremony, sex magick, wiccanism (which is an actual religion), etc. The Ancestral Witch program is so great because it properly sets you up for a lifetime of meaningful practices and foundations to build your craft. 

Also to note, Ancestral witchcraft is not limited to any specific cultural or geographical region, as it can be found in various forms across the world. Different cultures have their own unique practices and beliefs related to ancestral magic, incorporating their ancestral wisdom into their daily lives. It is important to note that I am very european/pagan and do not TEACH or appropriate other cultural lineages, but I do facilitate the process of helping practitioners of all heritages (African, Hispanic, Asian, Indigenous, etc)  finding, connecting, and cultivating practices within your heritage. 

*An important thing to note is understanding that this program is focused on connecting with and cultivating relationships with WELL DEAD ANCESTORS: Meaning they have been dead for at least 400+ years before the apartheid. We generally seek to connect with your pre-christian ancestors, and the ones you would invite over for the holidays- not the creepy jacked up ones.*

Some  of the key aspects of ancestral witchcraft you will learn in this program are:

  • The Pagan Wheel of the Year

  • Shamanic Journeying and Pathwalking

  • The Moon Cycles from an astrological and anthropological perspective

  • How to connect to one's well-line ancestors

  • How to build ancestral altars and communicate safely with the dead (mediumship)

  • Storytelling and Songcraft

  • Ritual Elemental Witchcraft

  • Seidr (Nordic Shamanic Practices)

  • Spiritual Discernment and Embodiment: to really learn how to read spiritual energy.

  • Somatic Embodiment practices and root up focused Integration

  • Quantum Inner Child Healing

  • Awaken the Inner Oracle: teaching you divination

  • Mediumship based channeled transmissions consisting of knowledge, skills, and spiritual gifts from one generation to the next.

  • How to build the pillars of your craft

  • How to bring rituals and celebrations in your family life.

  • Over all hearthcraft and green witchery (herbalism)

  • Coven dynamics and group witnessing/mirroring.

  • So much more it's actually hard to name. 

Ancestral focused practitioners often strive to create meaning from their ancestors olde ways, and hope to tap into their collective wisdom for healing, divination, protection, and personal/familial growth. By honoring and working with your well-line ancestors, those who practice ancestral witchcraft aim to maintain a strong connection to their roots while harnessing the ancient powers and insights passed down through their lineage. In doing so, they not only seek to enrich their own lives, but also preserve and honor the traditions and wisdom of their ancestors for future generations. We call this ancestral lineage resolution and integration.

This immersion based program is going to run as an open enrollment program from Autumn Equinox until Spring Equinox 2024.. These teachings are meant to grow with you and support you as you uncover your truest self, heal your mind & body, and tap into your soul level self. Your program will consist of twenty plus live facilitated classes held on zoom webinar, a library of tons of additional teachings, coven access, and an *optional add on* 4 day retreat in person with Lauren Wilde. 

Learn more here in this information video teaching on Ancestral Witchcraft




What are some signs that I am dealing with ancestral trauma?

So many have heard of terms like Inner Child or The Mother Wound, but I want to state that dealing with ancestral trauma can have a profound impact on your mental, emotional, and even physical well-being, especially if you are sensitive, empathic, and/or magical being. It's important to recognize the signs that may indicate you are grappling with ancestral trauma, or if you have spirits trying to contact you, or are causing problems in your life.


These signs can manifest in various ways and may include:

  1. Recurring Patterns of Dysfunction: You notice recurring dysfunctional patterns in your family, such as addiction, abuse, or unhealthy relationships, which seem to be passed down through generations.

  2. Unexplained Anxiety or Depression: You experience persistent feelings of anxiety or depression that don't have an obvious cause in your own life but may be linked to unresolved ancestral trauma.

  3. Intergenerational Stories: Family stories or narratives about past events, such as wars, disasters, or experiences of discrimination, are often shared and have a strong emotional impact on you, even if you weren't personally involved.

  4. Inherited Fears and Phobias: You have unexplained fears or phobias that seem unrelated to your personal experiences but may have historical roots within your family.

  5. Sudden Emotional Triggers: Certain events or situations trigger intense emotional reactions or flashbacks that seem disproportionate to the current circumstances. Especially around your family and themes like money, or survival.

  6. Difficulty in Relationships: You struggle with forming and maintaining healthy relationships, and you notice a pattern of conflict or instability in your interactions with others.

  7. Low Self-Esteem or Self-Worth: You struggle with low self-esteem or self-worth, and you may have a sense of being burdened by a family legacy of shame or guilt.

  8. Unexplained Physical Symptoms: Ancestral trauma can sometimes manifest as physical symptoms, such as chronic pain, digestive issues, or autoimmune conditions, without an apparent medical cause.

  9. Compulsive Behaviors: You engage in compulsive behaviors, such as overeating, self-harm, or substance abuse, as a way to cope with unresolved emotional pain or to numb the ancestral trauma.

  10. Difficulty Expressing Emotions: You find it challenging to express emotions or connect with your own feelings, possibly due to a long history of emotional suppression or repression in your family.

  11. Feeling Disconnected: You feel disconnected from your cultural or ancestral heritage and may experience a sense of longing or emptiness related to your roots.

  12. Dreams and Nightmares: You have recurring dreams or nightmares that involve themes, people, or settings from your family's past, which evoke strong emotional reactions.

It's important to note that ancestral trauma can be subtle and may not always present itself clearly. If you suspect that you are dealing with ancestral trauma or recognize these signs in your life, seeking support from a qualified therapist or counselor experienced in trauma and ancestral healing can be highly beneficial. Therapy can help you explore and process these deep-seated issues, heal intergenerational wounds, and work towards greater emotional and psychological well-being. Ancestral Ritual healing practices may also aid in addressing ancestral trauma like a mother or father wound.

One of the other major focuses of this program is on really learning how to embody The Pagan Wheel of the Year.

The Pagan Wheel of the Year is a calendar system that marks the changing of seasons and the cycle of nature, observed and celebrated by many modern Pagan traditions. It consists of eight major festivals, also known as Sabbats, spaced evenly throughout the year. These festivals are often tied to agricultural and natural events, as well as the mythological and spiritual aspects of the Pagan faith. The Wheel of the Year is divided into two main halves: the lighter half, which represents the growing season, and the darker half, which symbolizes the waning season.

The Pagan Wheel of the Year provides a cyclical framework for Pagan practitioners to connect with the natural world, celebrate the changing seasons, and engage in rituals that honor both the Earth and their spiritual beliefs. Different traditions and individuals may have variations in how they observe these Sabbats, but the underlying theme is the recognition of the ever-turning wheel of time and nature.

In the Ancestral Witch Program you will learn how to live in harmony with the cycles and seasons of the Pagan Wheel of the Year, which involves incorporating its themes and energies into your daily life and spiritual practices. Some of the Wheel of the Year based practices you will learn in this program are:

  1. Study and Learn the Wheel WELL: You will familiarize yourself with the Wheel of the Year and the specific symbolism, traditions, and energies associated with each Sabbat. Understanding the significance of each festival.

  2. Develop your Divination and Mediumship gifts: Everyone is psychic in some way- you just have to name it and cultivate it. Lauren will teach you how. 

  3. Connect with Nature: You will spend time outdoors and connect with the natural world. Observe the changing seasons, pay attention to the flora and fauna, and be mindful of the energy shifts that occur throughout the year.

  4. Green Witchery: If you have access to a garden or outdoor space, consider planting and tending to seasonal herbs, flowers, or vegetables that align with the Sabbats. Harvesting and using these in your rituals and daily life will deepen your connection to the Wheel of the Year.

  5. Seasonal Decorations: Decorate your home or altar with symbols, colors, and items associated with each Sabbat. For example, use evergreen wreaths and red candles for Yule, or flowers and pastels for Ostara.

  6. Mindful Living: Align your personal goals and intentions with the energy of the current season. For instance, use the energy of Beltane to focus on personal growth and relationships, or use Samhain to reflect on your ancestors and inner transformation.

  7. Hearthcraft Incorporate seasonal foods and recipes into your diet. Share meals with loved ones during the Sabbats to celebrate and connect with the energies of that time.

  8. Reflection and Meditation: Use the Wheel of the Year as a tool for self-reflection and personal growth. Meditate on the themes of each Sabbat and how they relate to your own life journey by journaling to document your experiences, thoughts, and insights throughout the seasons.

  9. Coven: Be a part of a coven that celebrates the Wheel of the Year together. Sharing experiences and rituals with like-minded individuals is so important.

  10. Sadhana: Practice your spiritual centering practice and self-care throughout the year by incorporating seasonal times for rest and reflection (such as winter) as well as times for growth and activity (such as spring and summer). Plan and schedule rituals or celebrations for each Sabbat in advance.

Living with the cycles and seasons of the Wheel of the Year is about recognizing the ebb and flow of life, both in the natural world and within yourself. It provides an opportunity to deepen your connection with nature, your spiritual path, and the wider Pagan community while honoring the ancient traditions and wisdom associated with each turn of the wheel.

About The Ancestral Witch Program: 

Ancestral Witch is one of Lauren's signature programs that focuses on body anchored magick, sovereign embodiment, ancestral resolution, and somatic healing. This offering is an immersion based program that runs seasonally from Mabon to Ostara (Sept- March) that is facilitated live with Lauren Wilde, Professional Astrologer and Master Facilitator. Ancestral Witch is an Embodied Ancestral Magick program rooted in her own Nordic and Celtic Shamanic heritage that she birthed to help everyone tap into the medicine of their well-line ancestry too.

This program was created to grow with you and support you as you uncover your truth, awaken your magick, heal your mind & body, and tap into your soul level self. The Ancestral Witch Program will consist of 20+ live facilitated classes on zoom webinar, a library of tons of additional teachings, coven access, and an optional add-on 4 day retreat in person with Lauren Wilde. Classes will be held on Tuesday and/or Thursday Evenings 6-8pm EST or Saturday Mornings 11AM-1PM EST.


This offering is focused on healing yourSelf on a cellular level, as well as bringing resolution to old generational sutras (aka threads) that reveal to us why we are the way we are. This program will support your spiritual, psychological, and somatic health through the lens of wild feminine embodiment based teachings such as astrology, oracle, shadow work, somatic healing, the wheel of the year, moon cycles, land stewardship, green witchery, and mediumship/channeling training.

This program is the most shamanic of all of her signature offerings, and has been said to be the best foundational place to begin working with Lauren. This program is predominantly focused on cultivating a deep connection to the land, your womb, body, ancestors, spirits, and the cosmos.

If you have arrived at the realization that you have an interest in all things spiritual, witchy, and ritual embodiment focused this is an incredible program for you. Or maybe you don't even know what any of those things are really, yet you find yourself drawn to them like a magnet and you don't know why...

I'm here to tell you that's your soul… That's your soul pulling on your ego and your physical body begging you to break free from the constructs that you've been fed since you were most likely born. No, it doesn't always make sense especially if you grew up in a household where magic, astrology and tarot were "the devil." BUT, it doesn't change the bone-deep pull.

Honestly I grew up like that too… It's not been too long since I've been free from the bondage of conservative fundamentalism. But, I have to be honest when I say that learning ancestral witchcraft, astrology and spiritual development was my way out. And that's what I hope to teach you in this program. The way out of ancestral wounding is through you. No matter what you know or believe, if you don't know you or understand your own personal desires and needs- then quite simply you don't own yourSelf. 

That's the thing about these shamanic, metaphysical tools. They were literally created for spiritual growth and self-study. Beyond all the woo-woo's and taboos these are ancient tools that far surpass the age of Christianity and Patriarchy- and Ancestral Ritual Practices, Shamanism, Archetypes and rites of passage are some of them. All of which I understand not only for myself, but also am gifted at teaching. 

Giving yourself permission to steep yourSelf in these powerful ancient practices with a wise and grounded spiritual guide is an incredibly important investment to make if you're just getting started. I wish somebody would've held my hand and taught me all the things that I know now… But that's what I'm here for. To be your guide as you find yourself through the ancestral lens and step fully in.

This program was created to grow with you and support you as you uncover your truth, awaken your magick, heal your mind & body, and tap into your soul level self. The Ancestral Witch Program will consist of 20+ live facilitated classes on zoom webinar, a library of tons of additional teachings, coven access, and an optional add-on 4 day retreat in person with Lauren Wilde. Classes will be held on Tuesday or Thursday Evenings 6-8pm EST or Saturday Mornings 11AM-1PM EST.


  • By investing in this spiritual container with me, you WILL see powerful transformation, both internally and externally. 

  • You will know yourSelf and your craft deeply.

  • You will meet incredible friends, and make life-long meaningful friendships with people just like you.

  • You will actually understand your ancestral wounds and what to do about them.

  • You will have a flourishing witchcraft practice that is deeply rooted in wisdom and body honoring practices.

  • You will know your needs, wants, and desires as well as how to actually move towards them in mindful ways.

  • You will learn how to really love the constellation of parts that is fully you. 

  • You will understand pagan and wild feminine principles.

  • You will learn how to practice somatic divination and integrate through embodiment practices that are simple and suit your needs.

(all outcomes are based on each students participation in the offerings..)


  • Those finding themselves waking up from what feels like a 100 year slumber. 

  • Those that yearn for a new spiritual perspective that honors their freedom and longing for a new world.

  • Those hungry for deep teachings that grow with you and encourage your transformation over fear.

  • Those that want to look at their natal chart and actually understand it.

  • Those who are interested in possibly studying feminine spiritual leadership professionally.

  • Deconstructing Christians that don't know up from down anymore.

  • Anyone seeking to become sovereign in themselves and know themselves more fully, while also honoring their ancestors and pre-christian traditions. 


  • This is a seasonally based immersion based program

  • These open enrollment classes start on Autumn Equinox and will Close at Spring Equinox. (Sept-March) you will be in the program for 13 weeks.

  • The Ancestral Witch Program will consist of 20+ live facilitated classes on zoom webinar

  • Classes will be held on Tuesday or Thursday Evenings 6-8pm EST or Saturday Mornings 11AM-1PM EST. You will receive a detailed itinerary upon inquiry or signing up.

  • Wildehearts Coven Access held on Mighty Networks

  •  a library of tons of additional teachings, coven access, and a

  • An *OPTIONAL* 4 day immersion style retreat in person with Lauren Wilde. 

All classes are online, live and interactive on Zoom Webinar

in Eastern Standard Time. All classes are recorded for students.

Classes will be held on Tuesday or Thursday Evenings 6-8pm EST

or Saturday Mornings 11AM-1PM EST



This is an all levels ancestral witchcraft and shamanic healing course with weekly/monthly online classes where you can learn how to practice wise and discerning mediumship, channeling, connect to your well-line ancestors and their ritual practices, and heal yourself and your lineage as a cycle breaker. The Goal of this program is help you become a sovereign cycle breaker without becoming the victim/martyr, and develop self healing practices to help you grow and transform in a deeply beautiful and embodied way.

In this powerful program you will:

  • Release old soul-level stories and ancestral stories that no longer serve you.

  • Tap into your ancient feminine wisdom through a variety of powerful spiritual practices.

  • Experience deep healing and awaken your truth and magick through song, drum, story, dance, journey, and ritual.

  • Connect with the healing frequency of Gaia, mother nature.

  • Heal your inner child through narrative repair work and somatic ritual practices.

  • Craft the 4 pillars of your personal spiritual craft.

  • Learn how to trust yourself, your body, and the seasons. 


This program will launch on Tuesday September 12th, 2023 with an online orientation/open house for students to learn about the materials they will need and have a chance to ask questions with the schools desk witch Amanda Bryan. Classes run weekly on Tuesday;s 6-8PM ET or Saturday 11am-1pm ET. Official classes with Lauren will start September 19, 2023 from 6-8pm ET and run until December 2023. If you are attending the retreat, the program runs until February 2024. 


As a bonus, all students will be gifted complimentary membership access to Wilde Hearts Coven, an online community hosted on Mighty Networks where you can build community, ask questions, and attend live events such as online Coven circles, classes, and the popular “Mystic Musings” collective readings.


We are offering three separate options for this program - you can choose how deep you want to dive into your studies by deciding to pick only the program, or you could also add on 1:1 private coaching with Lauren throughout the program as well. 

Check out the tiers below to decide where you fit..

Tier One - The Live Facilitated Ancestral Witch Program 

a total of $3,500 that can be broken down in multiple payments

  • A library of pre-recorded classes on topics ranging from basic tarot, basic shadow working classes, witchcraft, breathwork, and somatics. (The cost of pre-recorded classes is over $1000 alone).

  • Membership to Wilde Hearts Coven (normally $349).

  • One in-depth ancestral witchcraft class a week teaching on the topic at hand. 

  • 14 two-hour live classes to ask questions, practice applied ancestral witchcraft, and learn more about ancestral lineage healing and somatic integration.  

Tier Two - The Live Facilitated Ancestral Witch Program PLUS LIVE RETREAT FEB 1-4, 2024 a total of $5,000 that can be broken down into payments.

  • Everything from tier one plus…

  • One Golden Shadow Reading with Lauren (normally $333)

  • In Person 4 day immersion style retreat in Ohio.

  • Special discounts and priority registration to any in-person events (such as workshops and retreats) held during the course of this program.

Tier Three - 1:1 Worthcraft private coaching with Lauren on-top of the Ancestral Program. Only 4 Spots Available 


Important to note we offer personalized payment plans and professional financing if you inquire here



Read previous students testimonials share how this program changed their lives and why you should jump into it too. 




  • THIS IS A SIGNATURE PROGRAM, meaning If I choose to run it again next year there will most likely be a price increase as well as a risk that it could be self-study/evergreen vs a life class option.

  • The Program content is housed under Kajabi and you have lifetime access to it. 

  • The coven/ online community will be housed on Mighty Networks.

  • The meetings will be held on Zoom and be recorded and stored for your self-study leisure.

  • The Live classes will be 6-8 pm on Tuesday or Thursday Eastern Time, and reschedules will be held on Saturday Mornings 11am-1pm ET. 

  • Participants will need to purchase 2 Books and 1 Deck of oracle cards, book of shadows, caudron, and altar supplies.

  • The online classroom and pre-recorded library of content will begin to populate and you will be added on September 12, 2023.

  • The first official class in this season offering starts on September 19th, 2023. 


click here or click the invest button below, which will redirect you the kajabi landing page, which is where the program is being ran. 

Click THIS LINK to watch my video introducing this program. 

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