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Soul & Synastry is a 13 moon/1 year program created and led by Lauren Wilde, Professional Astrologer and Master Facilitator. Soul & Synastry is an Embodied Astrology & Tarot program focused on healing the constellation known as your Self. This program will support your spiritual, psychological, and somatic health through the lens of esoteric & archetypal astrology, tarot, ritual, and wild embodiment.

Have you found yourself with a newfound interest in all things astrology, tarot, embodiment and self realization practices? Or rather maybe you don't even know what any of those things are really, yet you find yourself drawn to them like a magnet and you don't know why...

I'm here to tell you that's your soul… That's your soul pulling on your ego and your physical body begging you to break free from the constructs that you've been fed since you were most likely born. No, it doesn't always make sense especially if you grew up in a household where astrology and tarot were "the devil." BUT, it doesn't change the bone-deep pull.

Honestly I grew up like that too… It's not been too long since I've been free from the bondage of conservative fundamentalism. But, I have to be honest when I say that learning astrology and tarot was my way out. And that's what I hope to teach you in this program. The way out is through you. No matter what you know or believe, if you don't know you or understand your own personal desires and needs- then quite simply you don't own yourSelf. 

That's the thing about these esoteric tools. They were literally created for spiritual growth and self-study. Beyond all the woo-woo's and taboos there are ancient tools that far surpass the age of Christianity and Patriarchy- and Astrology, Archetypes and Alchemy are some of them. All of which I understand not only for myself, but also am gifted at teaching. 

Giving yourself permission to steep yourSelf in these powerful ancient practices with a wise and grounded spiritual guide is an incredibly important investment to make if you're just getting started. How I wish somebody would've held my hand and taught me all the things that I know now… But that's what I'm here for. To be your guide as you find yourself and step fully in.

This is a year-long program that meant to grow with you and support you as you uncover your truest self, heal your mind & body, and tap into your soul level self.


  • By investing in this year long spiritual container with me, you WILL see powerful transformation, both internally and externally. 

  • You will know yourSelf deeply, and have the time and space to orient yourself over a year to reflect that knowingness.

  • You will meet incredible friends, and make life-long meaningful friendships with people just like you.

  • You will actually understand your own chart, and what it means.

  • You will have a flourishing tarot practice that is deeply rooted in wisdom and body honoring practices.

  • You will know your needs, wants, and desires as well as how to actually move towards them in mindful ways.

  • You will learn how to really love the constellation of parts that is fully you. 

  • You will understand esoteric and wild feminine principles.

  • You will learn how to practice somatic divination and integrate through embodiment practices that are simple and suite your needs.

(all outcomes are based on each students participation in the monthly offerings..)


  • Those finding themselves waking up from what feels like a 100 year slumber. 

  • Those that yearn for a new spiritual perspective that honors their freedom and longing for a new world.

  • Those hungry for deep teachings that grow with you and encourage your transformation over fear.

  • Those that want to look at their natal chart and actually understand it.

  • Those who are interested in possibly studying astrology and tarot professionally.

  • Deconstructing Christians that don't know up from down anymore.

  • Anyone seeking to become sovereign in themselves and know themselves more fully.

All classes are online, live and interactive on Zoom Webinar

in Eastern Standard Time. All classes are recorded for students.



This is an all levels astrology course with monthly online classes where you can learn how to locate and interpret your sun, moon, rising sign, and other critical planetary placements. The Goal of this program is to master your own chart, and develop self healing practices to help you grow and transform in a deeply beautiful and embodied way.

We aren't just learning the stars to create another dogmatic belief system. I am helping you write your own story the way you WANT it to play out. 

This is deep and beautiful work. Join me. 


This program will re-open in 2024.


As a bonus, all students will get membership to Wilde Hearts Coven, an online community hosted on Mighty Networks where you can build community, ask questions, and attend live events such as online Coven circles, classes, and the popular “Mystic Musings” collective readings.


not available information currently.




  • THIS IS AN INTRODUCTORY PROGRAM, meaning If I choose to run it again next year there will most likely be a price increase as well as a risk that it could be self-study/evergreen vs a life class option.

  • The Program content as well as the community will be housed on Mighty Networks.

  • The meetings will be held on Zoom and be recorded and stored for your self-study leisure.

  • The Live classes will switch between daytime (11am-1pm) and evening (6:30pm-8:30pm) Eastern Time so that all students have equal access to attending live classes through out the year.

  • Participants will need to purchase 2 Books and 1 Deck of Tarot cards, which can be purchased at a program-level discounted price through my store Wilde Magick.

  • The online classroom and pre-recorded library of content will begin to populate and you will be added on Monday August 8th.

  • The first official class starts in Mid September. 


Reserve your spot by following THIS LINK and submitting your deposit of $111 or the button below that says invest here.

Click THIS LINK to watch my video introducing this program. 

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