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The Saturn Uranus Squares

The fourth and final Saturn Uranus Square at 18*


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Every 14 years we get a new Saturn Uranus square story, one that started last year for us in 2021. So although today you may feel its shock like it's brand new, I think you might find that this is an old story still asking you to change and innovate its narrative.

When Saturn and Uranus connect, we’re dealing with themes related to freedom vs independence, progress vs. tradition, innovation vs tradition.

The square thrusts challenge towards us that creates tension, and ultimately leads to new skills and change.

Before we talk about todays fourth and final exact square, let's reflect for a moment on last year 2021, when the three main squares happened first. I will share an astrological report I shared in my coven last year for some back up insights...

If you DON'T want to learn all the details let me ask you this:

what area of your life have you been fighting for over a year now, but life and change keep forcing you to face it?

Maybe its your career, or marriage, or sexuality?

Maybe its your health or finances.. whatever it is- you are being asked to change it.

and it's hard.

Work WITH this energy honey.

Make a list of the areas you want to evolve and the areas you appreciate rules and traditions.

Make a list of whats no longer sustainable, and a list of how you want to progress moving forward.

This choices will take 14 years to develop, but the upcoming Scorpio Eclipse sure will help move that choice along... keep reading for more insight and a tarot spread at the bottom- gold star for those that finish the post for the spread. ;)


From the Archive June 14, 20211)

The year 2021 is largely ruled by the Saturn Uranus square. These particular alignments happen every 14 years in a cyclical matter. You can look back at 14 years ago to notice the theme of the last one.

The way they work is in three aspects over a years time.

The first square alerts you to WHAT it's about.

The second square is HOW we are actively working the change.

The third square is the SOLIDIFICATION of the year long transit and it's newly developed skills, and transformational life changes.

The theme that tends to ALWAYS present itself is the tension between the strong desire for FREEDOM and PROGRESS (Uranus) and DISCIPLINE and STRUCTURE (Saturn).

This cycle is held in the FIXED signs of Aquarius (Saturn) and Taurus (Uranus).

Saturn AND Uranus are the co-rulers of Aquarius is hyper charged by this transit as well as Jupiter, planet of expansion also making his way through Aquarius at the same time.

Saturn is already retrograde and Jupiter and Neptune will station retrograde as well by the end of June 2021- marking a time of retrospection and karmic resets.

Mercury is currently retrograde as well during the second square, working its way into its square exaction with Neptune in Pisces leading to deeper miscommunications, conspiracies and illusions.

Squares are 90* aspects that are ruled by Saturn, they provide tension, agitation and tension to build new perspectives, break things that aren’t working down, and challenge you to develop new skills and even master them under its strain.

This is precisely what the Saturn Uranus square is about, breaking down old patriarchal traditions and out-dated conservative structures (Uranus in Taurus as well as Pluto in Capricorn) in the name of Progress, Social Reform and Change and Equality for THE PEOPLE (Saturn in Aquarius).

The fact that this alignment comes only a year post the once in 500 year Saturn Pluto South Node eclipse/conjunction 1/10/20, and a few months after The Great Chronocator (12/19/20), these are signs of MAJOR paradigm shifts. We are moving towards The Age of Aquarius my friends.

The other thing that is important to note in terms of divining how the transit could affect you is to take into consideration the nodal axis of the eclipse is in Gemini (NN) and Saggitarius (SN). Locate the natal housing of this axis and you will be able to understand deeper how your life is changing and evolving.

The squares are the following dates and degrees:

1) Feb 14, 2021 at 7* (both planets are direct) June 14, 2021 at 12* (Saturn is Rx and Uranus is direct corresponding to the annular solar eclipse 19* Gemini. Dec 24, 2021 at (Saturn is direct and Uranus is RX)

The first square on 2/14/21, both planets were DIRECT: so it was a very CLEAR and direct aspect. Jupiter was a part of the aspect as well, so it felt GOOD. Easy. Open. CLEAR.

2) The second square 6/14/21 Saturn is retrograde, which represents challenges, blocks, restrictions and karma that is due to be dealt with and developed. You may notice that over the last month with Pluto and Saturn station RX you may feel like you hit a wall. You have to WORK HARDER to break through barriers. This is the beast and medicine of Saturn, he allows complications and challenges to arise to help you develop persistence, discipline and even mastery around your challenges. Saturn demands you learn new SKILLS to get through blocks. You may hate him at the time, but eventually you’ll look back with gratitude for all the lessons you learned= karma.

Saturn is LORD OF KARMA. The lesson learner. He is also the patriarch, the grandfather of the zodiac. He is Chronos, Zeus. Sky God. He says hard work is needed. Blood, sweat, tears. Anything easy isn’t worth it in the long run” He is deeply tied to old theology, sin, and is the ruler of both The World Card and The Devil Card in traditional Tarot.

3) The third square 12/24/21 Saturn is direct and Uranus is retrograde, which slows down progress, information, the internet, and ether-based communications. Hopefully with consciousness of what the annular 5 months of Saturn retrograde is about you can focus on the skills needed to overcome and master your challenges and blocks so you can push through them with ease and then begin working on the next 6 months of developing strategies and awareness to expand and awaken with Uranus retrograde in the 3 and final square.

Uranus Retrograde is pretty strongly different than Saturn. Uranus rules awakenings, liberation, radical change, progress, upsets. Uranus is much light The Tower Card. He functions much like Kali, Dark Mother of liberation and freedom from illusions in the Vedic/Hindu Pantheon. She shows her love by freeing you from delusion by cutting through them with sword of truth. Its absolutely terrifying when She shows up and help you get free, it hurts like HELL but eventually you look back and are grateful for the freedom only her sword could have provided.

If you have any major placements in any of these fixed signs these transits will absolutely effect you more than most: Taurus (fixed earth), Leo (fixed fire), Scorpio(fixed water), Aquarius (fixed air). A fixed sign is all about permanence, deepening, and developing. These signs tend to be known for their “stubborn” fixed ways vs the cardinal (initiators & pioneers) and mutable (changeable) signs. From an Alchemical perspective Earth & Air correspond to the effect of lightening or tornados. So hang on to asses friends.

Here I am going to discuss all of what the zodiac signs are about and let you begin to connect the dots for yourself.

Aquarius, co-ruled by Saturn (old ruler) and Aquarius (modern ruler) corresponds to the following:

*Humanitarian vs faith based motivations


*Social Networks

*Large groups of people

*The Collective

*Hive Mind

*Science and Medicine

*Technological Advancements


*Artificial Intelligence (AI)

*Knowledge over Belief


*Social Change/Progress

*People oriented movements

*The lungs, feet, and blood

Taurus, ruled by Venus corresponds to the following:

*The Physical Body



*The Earth

*Natural Processes

*Economy and money

*Housing Market

*Traditions and Values

*Self esteem and value

*The Throat

Some of the predictions I have for this aspect to help develop over the next 14 years in terms of the collective are the following:

*More GMOs and hybridization of crops

*Shortages of food, water, land and housing

*Alien and UFO disclosure (already happening)

*The break down of marriage as a structure and the development of more open/progressive relationship styles developing

*The growth and expansion of the non-binary gender and sexual spectrum for all.

*The growth of fashion as non-binary

*A recognition of Mama Gaia and return to older agricultural methods in response to the food shortages and growth of GMOs.

*Less marriage and babies as “the American dream”

*The growth of electronic money

*The growth and restriction of social media platforms

*The continued break down of dogmatic religion as “truth” and movement towards science, humanitarianism and metaphysics.

*Energy medicine and astrology becoming a normal form of language


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