The Power of Crossroads and Paradox, Weaving a New Way Forward...

Hello my friends and Blessed Lughnasadh. Today Marks the First of three Celtic Harvest Festivals. I find this Sabbath to always pack a powerful punch for me personally. I very much feel the change of seasons and my body and mindset. I become very aware of the shifting of the season from light and creation, to darkness and decomposition.

I will share more about this in my blog post on Lughnasahd said later this week.

I bring this festival up is because I have been seriously feeling the Paradox and cross roads of releasing what no longer serves me, while at the same time birthing something new. You see I have been trying to create the future from the past. I have been trying to push authentic heart centered story-telling out of a story that I'm done telling. At least as a present moment story.

I've been doing this work for six years now, coming up on seven. I started with deconstruction, and where I am now seems to be very different. I wanted to share about that and also share about where I'm moving forward. Below you will see a link to my podcast where I share all of the details from a more personal/heart centered perspective that I strongly encourage you to give a listen to, but I also wanted to write a bit to share.


My Past: The Church Witch

I feel like order for you to really understand the gratitude and the gravity of my attachment to the past that got me here today, I have to share about the birth of The Church Witch.

After my Dark Night of the Soul in 2015, I left my fundamentalist Christian community, and found great resistance as I pursued the esoteric and wild feminine traditions. I was called a witch by those I loved, and instead of letting it hurt me, I chose to let it heal me.

At that time I had no idea about the concept of personal myths, hero's journeys, and parts work before I started sharing my story.

I didn't know seasons of who I am would change.

I didn't know that I'd end up burying Lauren Burba, and give birth to myself again.

The entirety of my Christian faith was rooted in the idea of an unchanging everything.

I had no idea that sharing my personal story of leaving church and finding yoga, mysticism and ultimately witchcraft would be how I would build the world that sustains me now. The Church Witch archetype was birthed through me and my need for personal freedom and wildness.

The Church Witch was born of Lilith. It wasn't until I started channeling teachings and lessons from Elen of the Ways, Brighid, and Freyja, and Laskshmi that I realized I am not just The Church Witch. I am a channel for the Divine Goddess and I can't and don't want to stop the downloads from coming. I don't want to be in a box, Lilith refuses to be in boxes. The deconstruction world feels like a box I choose to not be placed in, therefore I knew I had to start weaving a new way out of it.

(Please hear me though, The Church Witch is still here and very active and alive- She is just being formulated into a more specific offering. So, stay tuned.)

As I have branched out, and rooted down into my own personal craft and practices they look more and more like Celtic Shamnism, Nordic Sieder, pagan and animist, land stewardship, ancestral practices and that is where I desire to root down and create from.

Yes I am and will always be an astrologer and high priestess. I am just rooting all of those teachings I share deep down into the wise earth, our bodies, and the cycles and seasons more intentionally.

And for that to happen, I feel must consciously draw a line in the sand as to the past and future.. the past being social media deconstruction influencer to School and Business owner and education that reflects the direction I want to move towards.

Present Moment Lauren Wilde

Standing at the center of the wheel, I see myself weaving all of the beautiful strands and textiles into a huge and beautiful tapestry that will honor my well ancestors and protect my family for generations. My present moment awareness very much surrounds the security of my family, my new home, and establishing my businesses in ways that support me not harm me. I had no idea how much of an introvert I really was until Covid happened in 2020. I didn't fully understand that in order for me to create, I must have solitude, boredom, and a purpose bigger than myself.

I am in the process of weaving together all of my businesses to sustain me and my family and that is a full-time job in itself. It is day in and day out of creating, building foundations, networking and more. I'm in the most busy season of my life and truly desire quiet evenings, early bedtimes and an enormous amount of space to wander in the woods to be inspired.

If I was to name the season of my life as a chapter in a book, I might name it Creative Rest. It's been a strange thing finally coming to terms with what it takes for me as an artist to create and have to set all the boundaries around it to continue to do so to sustain myself and my family. I've grown up more over the past 2 1/2 years than I ever did even in my Saturn return. Getting Divorced with three kids and a self-employed business during a global pandemic was not for the weak.

I share more about this in my podcast episode above, or here below:

I think it's also been important for me to realize that I'm not striving to be a social media influencer, I am an educator and a businesswoman. That was a hard thing for me to really name and sit with, nearly as hard as understanding that The Church Witch was a dead brand, which ultimately is what led to the shift you are seeing now.

I'm not one to cling to dying things… I see beauty in the death, rebirth, growth process. I knew when the eclipse at 25° of Scorpio this past year landed on my Saturn in the 12th house that something was going to die. But with all deaths there is always new life.

Weaving the Future

My heart is set on being a powerful business woman that owns and operates powerful wild feminine based products, programs, communities and businesses. I want to build a Fempire.

I want to run the equivalent of shark tank for witches and creatives one day. I want to move fully into Witch Economy in the next five years and become an investor in small witchy businesses I believe in.

But in order to be the person you want to be in five years, you have to develop that person now...

If I could wave my wand and have what I desire I would be The Millionare Creatrix I casted as a spell 1 year ago. I would be in the film/documentary world, and I would be powerful tech investor. I tend to see this in my long term vision, however I am set to build the foundations now.

My goals include powerful and expertly executed programs, staff, and faculty and a beautiful brick and mortar shop with my business partner Shana. All of my programs are full. All of my offerings are sold out.. I have time to invest in my family and my children’s desires and creative endeavors. I am happy as creative witch and business woman.

As I step more fully into what that means, it means I must be a weaver and be adaptable.

These tasks have proven to be difficult so far, and require lots of practice.. aka hard work all the damn time lol.

I have decided to weave all of my media into one umbrella brand WEAVING THE WILDE.

It will house the following: my podcast, blog, youtube channel, social media presence and free spiritual community. This consolidation effort will allow me to be more productive, creative, and streamlined. It will allow me to control the content I create for the people I care about and want to pour into- vs an algorithm god that is never happy and most of my people don't even see it.

This is going to help me tap into writing and ritual living more intentionally as I develop my programs and offering around embodied astrology & constellations work, ancestral lineage healing, ritual healing and magick making.

I hope that you will subscribe to the magick and follow my journey.

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Thank you so much for being with me on this wild process so far.. its only just now beginning..

Lauren Wilde