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The Birth of The Church Witch...

From Pastor path to High Priestess- my work and Story are one of waking up, reclaiming my authenticity and sovereignty, Deconstructing my old belief system and healing in the wake of the loss of my structured faith. I lost everything and everyone- yet slowly but surely rebuilt my life and story to look like the one I actually wanted, instead of the one I was told it had to be.

In 2015 I found myself in a place the old mystics call Dark Night of the Soul. I was raising 3 little boys 4 and under while my husband at the time was getting his PhD. It was dark times. I was struggling with body issues, self esteem challenges and overwhelm. And then all of a sudden my connection to Spirit went dark and silent, and I began my descent.

I had no idea that pain and suffering I experienced would be the bedrock of the work I do and offer today. It was awful and I wouldn't wish it on anyone- it was however a crucial piece of my story, one that every Priestess will face on their journey.

The Descent

As a kid I always knew I wanted to “help” people. I was so curious to find ways to connect with people, obviously not understanding that what I thought was helpful for them- was really just a mask over my codependent behaviors and unconscious deflections around not knowing how to face my deep seated low self worth.

I, like most people. in church culture was told two people made whole people. I was also told not to trust my heart because "it was wicked above all other things" and definitely not my emotions because they were "tools of the devil". This did to me what it does to everyone: cut us off from ourselves, make us fearful of ourselves and deeply codependent on structures and hierarchies of powers that told us what to believe about what was “good” and “bad.” My story and work known as The Church Witch has been facing all that bullshit alone years ago- being called a witch as an insult and pushed out of my home church, to then deciding I would be there for those that also endured this painful and frightening initiation of the soul.

In the beginning of my deconstruction I lost my faith. I lost my practice, my friends and my faith community. I didn’t know where to turn, but my yoga community was there for me. Yoga became my spiritual practice and my church. Eventually it become my cards, my stars, the earth and finally made its way back around to my body and breath. My whole being. I got it.

It Was all HOLY. It was the point.

When I met the Lilith archetype in late 2018 through one of my teachers Joshua Hayward it really clicked. As I read her stories I felt she and I were one in the same. I then got sucked down The Wild Woman Archetype hole- then finally made my way to the Witch Archetype. Which at that time still scared me. I loved Jesus and his story but I couldn’t make it fit. I was afraid of HER freedom and power. I had never had it before.

The Birth..

I learned over time about Mary Magdalene and felt Jesus always with me. The same guiding force i had always known. The Holy Spirit.

In 2019 I finally Decided if the God I served was as big as I heard it was- it would love me. It would close that door if it wasn’t meant for me.

The door hasn’t closed yet and I ask, seek, knock daily.

You see the universe cannot resist authenticity. When I leaped, all the roads opened up and eventually found my soul, my dharma and my ultimately my self in the Witch Mystic and Alchemist Archetypes.

I AM Lauren Wilde, AND The Church Witch is a part of my work for those still trying to find a way to make their crumbling faith “work”

I AM Lauren Wilde, AND The Church Witch is a part of my work for those still trying to find a way to make their crumbling faith “work”

The Church Witch is my epic mythopoetic character and my service to the collective to share in continuance of hope and faith, as well as find new ways to live new existences.

The Church Witch is my real story of overcoming and finding a path that fit my soul, while inviting you along with me on my podcast and social media platforms.

It’s not for everyone- just like I’m not for everyone. But this is my work and I’m growing clearer and clear on The Church Witch Project Agenda and I appreciate you being here to witness me as I do so. I hope it will inspire you to find your own authentic path and way of being too.

You can find my best work on Instagram @thelaurenwilde or Mighty Networks The Church Witch Podcast Wilde Alchemy Modern Mystery School

Wake the Witches.


Lauren Wilde, The Church Witch

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