Capricorn Full Moon 2022

Yesterday, while driving the car my oldest son Judah who is blissfully autistic and sees the world for exactly what it is said to me, "Mom how do we live in this world when it's so ugly and people are so mean?"

He then went on to tell me about the history of our country, America and how the men that envisioned it built it on the backs of Black people, and stole it from a nation who actually knew how to take care of it.

My son is 10.5 years old… I didn't know how to answer him, I still don't.

I only find solace in the fact that these kids don't believe the bullshit lies that were fed to us.

Today is the Capricorn full moon conjunct Pluto retrograde.

I find this moon to be so incredibly important to stop pay attention and look backwards. Let the full moons light illuminate the toxicity and power moves that have always existed in this country. Pluto rules secrets, the hidden things, toxicity and power struggles. I am paying attention, and so are my children.

The thing about any transit that involves Pluto is that it requires time to see how it will actually pan out. It will be at least 30 years before we even see the outcome of this moon partially, and 248 years to really get it. Much like we are right now seeing the outcome of Americas formation under Plutos influence 248 years ago.

Pluto will move into Aquarius in less than 2 years... Aquarius rules the people, for the people. It also rules kids and how they move through the world to progress society.

I put so much hope to these kids because they get it. If you want to learn more about the basics of this aspect check out my Capricorn Full Moon Report on Youtube, which is where all my long form recorded content will be stored from this moon on... or below

In this short astrology report on the 21° Capricorn full moon I go into detail about Saturn as well as Pluto energy. As I said in the video I go into depth on the lunation reports that I share in my spiritual community called Wildehearts Coven you can find the link below to join.

In terms of rituals, my greatest suggestion is to make a list of your goals, priorities, and make an actionable goal as to how you PLAN to meet them.

This is goal setting and crushing energy.

Make a list of ten things you want to achieve, then follow up with making a list about how you are going actually go after those dreams, and set a goal date to achieve them.

Blessed Capricorn Moon friends.

Go get your dreams!

Lauren Wilde