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Relational Readings

Relational reading for an individual and What to expect:

This is a Love/Relational focused 60-minute reading. I will use both astrology, tarot, and psychic channeling coupled with practical life advice.

This is not spell work nor manipulative. I can't promise anything other than clarity and a deep sense of peace around what it means to love yourself and heal yourself, I can, however, provide really helpful advice to get clear on both of your transits and possible karmic contracts to each other.

I can help with good dates, peace of mind, and beautiful self-love work- as well as provide connection focused advice to improve your relationship to your self and the other.

This is a follow up reading. You MUST have had a Golden Shadow Session with me before.

Please have your journal and be ready with a clear energetic space.




What to expect

This is a 90 Min online webinar meeting for a COUPLE: both are present and prepared to do THE WORK together.

This a CONNECTION focused session. The goal will be to connect more efficiently together- not distance or disconnect.

We will compare charts and maybe even do progressions as well as composites depending on the desired outcome of the session.

You BOTH MUST have had a Golden Shadow Session with me previously to book this type of appointment

We will be going over both of your natal charts quickly to see your current transits and then discussing the situation at hand.

We will then do collective shadow work, life coaching advice, and intuitive readings using astrology, tarot, and any other tool in my medicine bag.



Image by Ricardo Esquivel

Support your most valuable relationships with wise
and rooted wisdom, guided by the stars..

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"There is no quantifiable way I could possibly describe the effect Lauren's offerings have had on my life.
I would not be the witch or the womxn I am today, had I not stood under her covering of love, nurturance, wisdom and expansive knowledge.

Lauren has guided me and challenged me to name, heal, transmute and transform through her mastery of shadow work. She opened my heart, soul, mind and eyes to my divine sovereignty, now able to step into the light of my authentic self and embrace my truest self-expression freely for the first time in my life."

There is no quantifiable way I could possibly describe the effect Lauren's offerings have had on my life.




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