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Pisces Full Harvest Moon 2022

Pisces Full Moon September 10, 2022 5:59AM EST.

Every year we have the annual Harvest Moon, which is the lunation closest to the autumnal equinox. It marks a time of the year that is the culmination of our harvest season. It also aligns with the Pisces full moon, which encourages us to be thankful and release that which has already run out its course.

The heart of the Pisces Virgo axis is always about healing. Virgo being the chiropractor, naturopath, analyst and grounded Health coach, while Pisces is the shamanic healer, intuitive, dreamer, the sound healer, and the Reiki master: they are both healers- they just go about it in different ways.

A full moon lunation means the sun and the moon are exactly opposite each other, in this case the sun is in the Virgo constellation opposite the moon in the Pisces constellation. This is our annual opportunity to celebrate the release of our hard work and labor, and trust natures cycle of life and death yet again.

I go over all of the details in my YouTube video below, please like and subscribe to my channel Weaving the Wilde. I'll leave you with some journal/terrell prompts. I'd love to hear about what comes up for you in the comment section below.

My questions to you are

Card 1: What was once healthy for you, that now seems to have run its course?

Card 2: In what area of your life has your mind driven, analytical process run its course, and now needs faith and surrender?

Card 3: What spiritual message is dreaming through me at this lunation?

Card 4: How can I work with Virgo energy to help make the dream a reality?

card 5: What needs surrender and healing at this time most?

Pisces Full Moon Ritual:

Salt bath

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