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Mercury Retrograde Autumn 2022

Mercury Retrograde Autumn 2022 in Libra and Virgo.

Back in my day, no body really talked about Astrology, not even Mercury Retrograde. Over the years, as astrology has become more popular I have noticed a lot of negative energy surrounding transits like Mercury retrograde. I want to talk about the basics of what to expect with every mercury retrograde transit, but more pointedly this particular autumn 2022 transit.

Do you see mercury is the fastest moving planet in our solar system, it cannot get more than three signs ahead of our son. This means that we have three annual mercury retrograde transit every single year, always have and always will. I bet that if you stopped and thought about it, you'd recognize some of the themes when you might've slow down, pulled back and re-thought through some of your choices and decisions. This can be both extremely helpful, and extremely frustrating depending on how consciously you work with this energy.

Mercury the planet doesn't actually slow down and go backwards, what happens is that the planet stops. When direct it evidently moves West to East, and when it's RX it moves East to West. When Mercury stops the sheer wind force of a planet moving 112,000 miles per hour has an enormous effect on the planet.

An example I like to use often, I was in Seattle in the summer of 2019 walking up a hill with my friend Heidi. As we were walking a trash truck flew by us, nearly scared us to death, but it wasn't until about three seconds later that we felt it's gush of air after it passed us and blew my shirt up. I nearly flashed an old man lol.

The effect of the "wind" was after the event, this is similar to how Mercury Retrograde works.

We get an opportunity to do all the re's





and more.

Retrograde energy draws us internal, versus direct planetary transits which direct our energy outwards and into the world. All retrograde periods are meant to help us rethink and revision the areas of our lives that they exist in for us Natally and transitory in terms of our charts.

I go into more detail in my youtube below, please watch and subscribe! See below for the dates/deets

Here are the details about the Retrograde this fall:

Mercury Retrograde shadow period: August 21, 2022 24* Virgo

Mercury Stations Retrograde: September 9, 2022 8* Libra

Mercury stations direct October 2, 2022

Mercury out of its Shadow : October 17th, 2022.



Legal matters

Equality and justice






Working the bugs out of things to make it more systematic and organized.

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Have a blessed Mercury Retrograde witches.

Lauren Wilde

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