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Gemini Full Cold Moon 2022

Gemini Full Moon December 7, 2022 11:08PM EST.

Every year we have the annual Cold Moon, which is the lunation closest to the Winter Solstice. It marks a time of the year that is the darkest/shortest of days, and also an opportunity for deep healing and rest. This annual lunation also aligns with the Gemini full moon, which encourages us to use our minds and make decisions for the best before the year completes itself.

The heart of the Gemini/Sagittarius axis is about the mind: Gemini ruling the lower conscious mind and Sagittarius ruling the higher conscious mind. Gemini being the thinker, communicator, engineer, and pragmatist- Sagittarius being the preacher, teacher, guru, lawyer, diplomat and traveler.

A full moon lunation means the sun and the moon are exactly opposite each other, in this case the sun is in the Sagittarius constellation opposite the moon in the Gemini constellation. This is our annual opportunity to celebrate the release the year and lean into the nourishment darkness and rest brings our bones.

I go over all of the details in my YouTube video below, please like and subscribe to my channel Weaving the Wilde. I'll leave you with some journal/terrell prompts. I'd love to hear about what comes up for you in the comment section above.

Books I refer to:

Tender Parts- Ilyse Kennedy

No Bad Parts- Richard Schwartz

Polishing the Mirror- Ram Dass

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