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Wilde life among the Pines..

Our pine Forrest at Wilde Manor is such an incredible gift. Did you know that Pine has the ability to pull toxic energy out of your body and ground you with courage?

We live at a nearly 200 year old manor in Sugarcreek Township, OH.

I spent an entire year honing my spellwork towards finding the land that wanted to own and hold my kids and fiancé.

We live in a culture that tells us we own the land, but that’s hilarious. She owns us.

She wove us from stardust and dirt.

When I began my journey will spellwork, ancestral healing, shamanism, and astrology I called in the element of Earth to hold me and ground me.

I had quick access to my fire and air energy, even my water energy but not my earth.

I didn’t know how to be with stillness and I didn’t have the grace and patience to stay with Earth.

I named myself The Queen of Pentacles. I had no idea what that would entail, but let’s just say it was a call to learn endurance, patience, stability, abundance, and discernment. It also meant I had to learn how to sit with time.

I spent a decade in a religious cult that has no idea it’s really serving Saturn, aka Sky Daddy… Christianity like most patriarchal religions are morality based, and tell you to leave your humanity behind.

Never did I think I had abandoned Earth, the mother that made me and sustained me.

I have spent 7 solid years learning how to be held and in relationship with Gaia. My ancestors were in deep connection with the land, the sea, the stones and all of spirits that allow us to exist here.

And I will spend all of my days embodying that understanding. The earth does not need us. She allows us. She chooses to nurture us. And as a mother that often feels under appreciated, I choose to honor and appreciate Her.

Go hug a tree. Make an offering of gratitude. Spend time learning how your ancestors connected to Spirit before the Colonistic Christian times began.

That’s my Sunday sort of weird and wild message is for you today.

Lauren Wilde


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