What to Expect

This is a 90 Min online webinar meeting going over your businesses natal chart and 20 card shadow work tarot spread. In this reading you will learn about the nature of your business and how it waxes/wanes. You will receive guidance on the best times of the year to push and to rest, when to anticipate transformation and growth, and way more.

This is a natal chart for your business and its amazing!

This session is where I start all new business clients.

Please get as clear as you can on WHEN you started your business

Specifically, WHEN did you:
get the idea
start to build it
launch it and make it official

I do not make financial projections. This is an energetic forecast and helps you understand the cyclical nature of your business.

I can't wait to share this offering with you!

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If you have an emergency or don't see a time that works for you, click the contact tab and ask me about it.