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Google defines a coven as, 

Coven: A collection of individuals with similar interests or activities a coven of intellectuals. 2 : an assembly or band of usually 13 witches.


I personally find coven to mean quite a bit more than that…


As a person that came out of a fundamentalist religious group I experienced a lot of fear when it came to sitting with spiritual folks again. I was afraid I would be indoctrinated again, and truth be told.. It has nearly happened multiple times.


You see as a person that has been seeking spiritual experiences all of her life I can tell you that it's not uncommon to find the same wolf in different sheep's clothing.


I am finding that it's growing more and more important to understand the values and the collective missions of each spiritual community. 


I can tell you that for spiritual community that I have birthed and woven over the last decade, personal Sovereignty is at the very top, right next to wise counsel and mirroring/witnessing.


I say it often, Sovereignty is the backbone of the Witch (listen more here for my podcast) Well then, what does sovereignty actually mean?

To be Sovereign means that YOU are your ultimate AUTHORITY.


It means to be fully invested in oneself. 

It also means to be wise and to take care of your mind and body.

It bites back against victimhood and martyrdom. The sovereign which does not need to save anyone other than themselves. Because the sovereign which believes each person is not only capable of but holds the incredible honor of believing in themselves as their upmost authority. 

Now does that mean witches don't believe in anything other than themselves? Absolutely not… It just means that a witch has access to their inner authority and recognize they can believe whatever they want to believe and that's perfect. Because they chose it..

I have spent the last six years trying to not go back to what I just freed myself from, fundamentalism, purity culture, fanaticism, delusions of grandeur, and conspiracy theories. I take honest pride in the community that I birthed that has such incredible people in it, but the community is a result of the people in it. 

We listen. 

We ask for consent.

We do our best to be curious and kind.

We are here for each other fully. 

We are birthing a new way of doing wild spiritual community. 

And it is good. 

What you will find are real people, ready to do the work of unbecoming to become again..

The Wildehearts Coven is investing in Envisioning and Re-Imagining Spiritual Community as we develop our own personal consciousness. We are getting to know ourselves while simultaneously building deep authentic relationships.

You Belong Here my weird, wonderful, and wild beloved. 

Join us. 

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